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The Campus Reporter Program is a uniquely designed educational program that empowers young students to develop their language and articulation skills. The Campus Reporter Program sets up in-house news studios that help schools create custom-made newsletters, news bulletins, and even a private radio channel.

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Successful partnership and collaboration with:

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The Program is accurately designed to develop students’ communication skills holistically. The Program is a platform where students are trained in writing skills and journalism to prepare them to be campus reporters. School students actively contribute to their customised newsletter and video news bulletins through their editorial boards, creating a journalism movement and articulation in the school campus.


Training forms the backbone of the Campus Reporter Program. Our Scribido Campus Trainers visit your school regularly to train the students in the art of Journalism and improve their writing skills.

The Training includes:

  • Student Analysis via language assessment
  • Proprietary Syllabus on Writing Skills
  • Journalism Training, which includes Interview Skills, Report Writing, Article Writing, and Feature Writing among others
What do we do?
  • Customizing Interviews according to the subject being interviewed
  • Creating Event Reports
  • Using and merging trending topics with global news to write an exceptional article
  • Book Review vs Movie Review
  • Sessions on Screenplay Writing and Voice Modulation
  • Blog writing vs Article writing
  • Creating a storyline based on a simple prompt
  • Literary Workshop to help students to connect with books and real-life situations?
  • Proofreading vs Editing


The training given by Scribido Trainers helps the students to work on their own customised School Newsletter

Our Team:
  • Curates content from hundreds of students.
  • Edits and proofreads the articles, designs the newsletter and print it.


We ensure that the Newsletter content, design and feel is something that parents and students would want to read.

Your Customised School Newsletter!

We help with:

  • Marketing the newsletter that are circulated to parents and prospective inquirers
  • Giving an inside look to parents and readers about the school, teachers and activities.


Content curation forms the backbone of this process, as we ensure that the content highlights and mirrors the values and beliefs of the school. Every newsletter of every school is unique in its content and is made to reflect the school’s identity.

Video News Bulletins

Video News Bulletins is an integral part of The Campus Reporter Program. 

Our team sets up News Studio in your school, trains your students in mobile video journalism, and provides all the necessary equipment, sample content, script, and storyline. 


You get:

  • Your very own private school news channel
  • Creative VFX effects for the videos
  • Features your school students as reporters and anchors!



Scribido Campus Journalism Summit

An Annual Event provides students with a platform to interact with senior and experienced journalists from prominent publications.

Scribido Premier League

An interschool sports league organized by Scribido Campus. 

Schools compete with each other and play to win the Scribido Trophy.


Therapy dogs are a major attraction of this event. 

Students get a chance to interact with these special dogs and get lessons on kindness and compassion towards animals.

Teacher Training

We conduct annual workshops for the teachers. 

Professional and experienced educationists train teachers on innovative methods and strategies to make classroom learning more experiential and productive.

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